Long Course or Short Course? 

Long & Short Course Events

When events are referred to as long or short course it is simply the size of the pool that is being referred to; 25-metre pools are short courses and 50-metre pools are long courses.


It is generally accepted that the swimmer will swim a faster time in a short course event, for various reasons.


Entering Long Course Events


When entering Long Course events entry times must be Long Course based. It is important to check the qualifying times of an event and ascertain whether the qualifying times are long course times or short course times. 


Long & Short Course Conversions


If a swimmer does not have a Long Course time or a time that is not valid, for certain meets it is acceptable to convert a swimmers Short Course time.


Ensure any conversion calculator used is based on the ASA Performance Tables. 


Try the converter at Pullbouy - ensuring you select the ASA table button on Pullbouy.


These conversions should only be used as a guide to check swimmers conversion times.  Your coach will be able to provide accurate conversion times if required for an event.

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